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A Year Later

Well, it's been a year since my last blog post (palm to forehead emoji); a pandemic year filled with chaos and so much change.

I can't say though that it hasn't been an eventful year. We welcomed a second little one to the world. We got a puppy. We renovated two houses. I designed a Montessori/Forest school. I worked half time for another architectural firm. I became proficient in Jardin (JK) full french virtual school ... who am I kidding, I'm still not great at handing in assignments and I'm still running around with a newborn trying to print something for my daughter's school as the rest of the students are doing the activity. Sorry to my daughter's teachers. 

On the business side, we started an online shop. We transferred to new software, we introduced many new products, added a clearance section and expanded the store. 

Exclusive ... tomorrow we will be announcing that we will be having a pantry section to the store, to include, coffee, perserves, honey, dried fruit, spices, condiments, candies etc. that are organic, vegan, fair trade, local, Canadian made, packaged in an eco friendly manner or are in some way considering the environment. I'm going to try to not consume it all myself. 

I'm sure the year ahead of us will be just as eventful but hopefully in more new exciting ways, for our lives and for our store.

It's already starting 'eventfully'. A year plus into this pandemic and we are hitting lockdown #3 in Ontario, dubbed an "emergency brake" but it's basically another lockdown but the first lockdown that we are allowed to be open for. So as we bare through another one, I think of those who are at this time battling in ICU and their friends and family. My thoughts are with you. I hope that the next year ahead will bring brighter news for the world and hopefully I'll get in more than one blog post for all of you.

As for the business goals in the year ahead, we will be stocking the pantry for you, expanding the clearance section and designating an area for it at the store, formulating an area for our bulk and refill goods and most of all we hope to begin to ship to you as eco friendly as we can. I will also be sharing with you a few of our architecutral designs as they are being built. We are, as always, also open to suggestions you have for the business, so do feel free to drop us a line.

So as we go into year two of this pandemic, I wish you health, safety, joy and love. As always, I suggest getting out into nature as much as possible when you can do so safely, as I think it does wonders for the soul. 

Thank you for your support and patience this last year and thank you in advance for the year ahead as we work to regain some normalcy.

Owner of RAD Studio + Eco Store


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