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Blue Passion Flower

Blue Passion Flower

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Passiflora caerulea

5 seeds

What an exotic, lovely plant for your garden!
Grown from Passion Flower seeds, this vining plant can grow to 180 inches or more, and it produces large, 4 inch pale blue blossoms.

This is one of the most winter hardy of all the Passion Flowers - it is evergreen in mild winter areas and it comes back from the roots where winters are more severe.

The flowers are white with a white and purple crown and can be used as a decorative garnish.
Flowers are followed by showy oval fruits with red seeds.

Can be grown indoors in a sunny window as a container plant and will require support for its climbing habit.

Great on trellises or walls or can be used as a bank cover.
Germination averages 30-90 days.

Plant type: treated as annual
Height: 96 - 180 inches
Plant spacing: 6-8”

Soak the seeds 24 hours before planting, in place of soaking in water, you can soak them in pulpy passion fruit juice or warm water, milk, or tea.
The acid helps break down the seed shell and helps in germination.

It is best to start Passion Flower seeds in containers indoors.

Kept at 75-80°F., germination occurs unevenly over a period of 30-90 days. Providing bottom heat can lower the days to germination by up to 50% or more.

Seeding depth: ¼ inch deep

Once Passion Flower seedlings have 4 - 5 leaves, they can be hardened off and transplanted into the garden.

Passion Flower plants need to be well watered through out the summer months, watering infrequently but deeply to encourage deep root growth.

During the winter months keep the soil on the dry side so it will go semi-dormant.

Must be planted in well-draining soil mix, equal parts gravel and soil.