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Change Toothpaste - Bulk Tablets

Change Toothpaste - Bulk Tablets

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Bulk Toothpaste Tablets - Tablets must be stored in an air/watertight container.

● Zero waste

● All natural ingredients

● Vegan-friendly

● Nut, soy & gluten free

● Made in Canada.

Common Ingredients: Xylitol - Sweetener with antibacterial properties Dicalcium Phosphate - Tablet Binder and polishing agent Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate - Foaming agent Sodium Bicarbonate - Polishing agent

Spearmint Ingredients: Flavour - Natural Spearmint Flavour Menthol - Pop of freshness Silicon Dioxide - tablet ingredient to avoid clumping Spearmint Leaf - Subtle flavour and colour

Cinnamon Ingredients: Flavour - Natural Cinnamon Flavour Cinnamon Bark - Subtle flavour and colour

Bubblegum Ingredients: Flavour - Artificial bubblegum flavour Silicon Dioxide - tablet ingredient to avoid clumping Butterfly Pea Flower Powder - Subtle blue colour