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Coconut Scrub Brush
Coconut Scrub Brush
Coconut Scrub Brush

Coconut Scrub Brush

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This eco-friendly wood and coconut fibre dish brush is a game changer for dishwashing and as a scrub brush. The high-density, ultra-durable, natural coconut husk fibres offer fabulous surface cleaning. Works on pots & pans, glassware, or general household scrubbing. It is a great alternative to plastic and nylon scrub brushes and dish brushes with a durable wooden handle. Ideal for scrubbing fruits and vegetables too!


High-density coconut husk fibre eco-friendly dish brush
Durable, stiff, and smooth wooden handle
Thick metal wire bristle base provided a sturdy and effective scrub brush
Resistant to oil and grease and will not scratch cookware
Coconut fibre naturally inhibit bacteria growth making this a hygienic solution


Hang this eco-friendly scrub brush bristle side down between uses.