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Diva Cup
Diva Cup
Diva Cup
Diva Cup
Diva Cup

Diva Cup

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The world’s #1 reusable menstrual cup. Ditch the status quo and say hello to comfortable, eco-friendly period protection. Alternative use to tampons and / or pads.

Reduce plastic waste, save money and wear something with that is BPA free, has no added chemicals, no plastics nor any dyes.

  • Wear up to 12-hrs
  • 100% medical grade silicone, only the best for your vagina
  • No chemicals, plastic or dyes because nobody wants that
  • Great for travel
  • Can be worn overnight 
  • Certified B Corporation

Instructions and bag included


Model 0 - For women ages 18 and under
Model 1 - For women under 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by c-section
Model 2 - For women over 30 years old and/or four women who have delivered vaginally or by c-section

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