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Nigella - Persian Rose ‘Love in a Mist’
Nigella - Persian Rose ‘Love in a Mist’

Nigella - Persian Rose ‘Love in a Mist’

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Nigella damascena

20 seeds

This is the love pink found in Persian Jewels.
Try it in a drift with white and blue nigella.

Nigella has been grown in gardens for some 4 centuries, acquiring such folk names as "Loveentangle", "Hair-of-Venus" and "Jack-in-prison".
These names all describe how the masses of fine lacy foliage provide soft net-like baskets for the flowers.

Intriguing striped seed pods balloon out and dry well.

Plant type: annual
Height: 20–50cm (8–20")
Site: full sun
Days to maturity: 65-70 for flowers; 80-85 for pods
Plant spacing: 2-9”
Pinch: not necessary

Start outdoors after danger of frost is past and until mid-Summer.
Nigella doesn’t like to be transplanted.
Can also be seeded in the fall and mulched like Larkspur.

Opt. Soil Temp: 60-70F/15-21C
Seeding depth: 3mm (1/8”)

Harvesting/Vase Life:
Harvest flowers when fully open. Vase life is generally 1 week, especially if you add preservative to the water. Use the pods fresh or dried in bouquets; dried ones last almost indefinitely. To dry, simply hang upside down in a warm, dry place out of bright light for 2 weeks.