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Safety Razor - Rose Gold - Eco Roots
Safety Razor - Rose Gold - Eco Roots
Safety Razor - Rose Gold - Eco Roots
Safety Razor - Rose Gold - Eco Roots
Safety Razor - Rose Gold - Eco Roots

Safety Razor - Rose Gold - Eco Roots

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Safety razors are the perfect environmentally friendly shaving solution for women who want to make sure that their beauty regime doesn’t hurt the planet, and they just so happen to be cheaper than disposable razors in the long run.

You might have seen your grandpa using one of these guys - before we used plastic for everything, safety razors were the go-to shavers. Your grandma probably used one too!

With one replaceable, and - most importantly - recyclable blade in between two guards, safety razors are a zero waste shaving option that offers a smooth shave that beats even the most multi-bladed disposable.

  • light & durable
  • the handle is ergonomically designed to make it easy to get a clean and super close shave  
  • high-polished finish to protect from corrosion
  • comes with 5 free stainless steel blades
  • plastic-free product 
  • plastic-free & recyclable packaging 

Skin type: normal to sensitive


You’ll definitely want to use soap, lather or cream of some sort - no dry shaving here! Once you’ve gotten yourself all bubbly, start shaving.

You’ll want to position your razor at an angle, about 20 to 30 degrees - and you might find this awkward at first, as the go-to with disposables is flat against the skin.

You will get used to it, we promise - you’ll be an expert in no time! It takes time to get used to it.

Changing Blades

  1. Unscrew the head of the razor. There are three pieces to a safety razor, the handle, the plate (the bottom of the head) and the cap (the top of the head). Once you have unscrewed the head from the razor, you’ll be able to separate the cap and the plate.
  2. Remove the old blade and put a fresh blade on the plate.
  3. Set the cap on top of the plate and blade, and screw the head back onto the handle.

You should change your blades every 3 - 5 shaves, which for most people will be about once a week.

If your razor feels like it’s dragging across your skin, then you definitely need a new blade.

Don’t try and stretch out the blades for longer than this - you’ll end up with razor burn, bumps, and probably a few cuts!


  • clean your razor after every use with warm water
  • don’t leave it in the shower or tub
  • dry it off with a towel and wipe 
  • store it in a dry place or a space with less moisture


Safety razor blades are recyclable, but you can’t just throw them in with your tin cans and plastics.

Because they are sharp, and because of their function, they are considered hazardous.

You can recycle your blades at your local recycling center, where the blades will go into the stainless steel recycling. Calling your local recycling center is a great idea to find out the exact process.

What many people do is make themselves a little "razor bank".

Go to a thrift store and find yourself a cute metal piggy bank and use that as your storage container!

It will take a good long while to fill up, keep your blades from harming anyone, and then you can drop the whole kit n’ caboodle into the recycling once it’s full.

No fuss, no muss!


Pack your shaver in your checked bags

Shaving Tips

To avoid razor burns and bumps, try the following steps.

  • Shave at the end of your shower. You want your follicles to be nice, warm and open.
  • Exfoliate your skin before you shave. By getting rid of all the dead skin, you’re also helping lift up all of the hair! None of those little buddies are going to get trapped under your dead skin.
  • Change your blade often! You want to have a clean, sharp blade on your razor at all times. Remember - change your blade every 3 to 5 shaves.
  • Never dry shave! This is seriously so important. You need that rich lathery goodness to help the razor glide across your skin! It will also leave you moisturized and smelling fantastic - especially if you’re using Eco Roots shaving soap.
  • Always shave WITH the grain! We know - it seems counterintuitive to shave that way, and most people tend to shave against the grain, but the right way really is with the grain. Give it a try for the next few times and we promise, you’ll feel the difference!
  • After you shave, let your skin breathe.Especially the bikini area - wear loose-fitting underwear to give your goods some space. Tight undies will irritate that most sensitive of places.

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