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Sunflower - Teddy Bear

Sunflower - Teddy Bear

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Helianthus annuus

5 seeds

Versatile sunflower for field or container.

Like other dwarfs, the final height depends on the size of the container.
Expect 8-12" plants from seeds directly sown in a 4" pot. 35-42" in the garden; 14-25" long stems.
Earliest of the teddy types, this branching variety will host 3-5" sunny, shaggy blooms. Popular with children.
Minimal pollen.

Height: 8–12" in containers; 35–42" in the garden.
Site: full sun
Days to maturity: 65 - 75 Days
Plant spacing: 8-12". Space plants so that leaves do not touch. Crowding promotes taller growth and weaker stems.
Pinch: not nessesarry

Direct seed (recommended) after last frost.
Sunflower dislikes root disturbance.

Opt. Soil Temp: 68-75F/20-24C
Seeding depth: 1-2.5cm (1/2-1”)

Harvesting/Vase Life:
Harvest as soon as the first petals on a bloom are starting to unfurl and strip ¾ of the leaves from the stem for the long